Broke as fuck.


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1/3rd of all Americans are "in collections." Meanwhile, other people who co-sign loans for their relatives are shocked --- shocked --- to find out they have to pay the loans back if those people pass on.

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SciTech, Tue Jul 29.

Ephraim Gadsby.

Ebola Spreads in Africa--and Likely Will Spread Beyond.

Fear of Ebola Breeds a Terror of Physicians.

This is the worst Ebola outbreak in history. Here's why you should be worried.

And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.

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On Poverty and Redistribution

Politics, Fri Jul 25.


Dishonest passivity and dependence combined with harmful activity becomes a pattern of life, and not just among drug addicts.

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Do Democrats have a Bob Dole Problem?

Politics, Mon Jul 21.


The "next man up" syndrome that seemingly gave Republicans the ineffective and sputtering campaigns of Bob Dole (73 when he ran) and John McCain (72 in 2008) now seems to be impacting the Democratic Party's chances of holding onto the presidency in 2016.  Two of the leading contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination right now are Hilary Clinton (who will be 69 by November of 2016) and Joe Biden (who will be 74).  The two second tier candidates getting the most buzz are probably Al Gore's (he will be 68) and Elizabeth Warren (herself no spring chicken - she'll be 67 in 2016).  

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The 11

Ephraim Gadsby.

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An esteemed political thinker (and possibly the next President of these United States of America) announces what she believes are the eleven sacred tenets of progressivism.

What do you think of her list, and what are your sacred tenets?

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Subscription Streaming Music Services


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The options out there have really exploded over the last year or so.  You have Pandora and Songza dominating the "radio-like" spectrum, both with ad supported free services and both offering (what I view as fairly expensive) ad free options ($3.99/month for Songza, $4.99/month for Pandora if you're not grandfathered in, $3.99/month if you are).  Spotify, Rdio, and Beats seem to be the big players in the "Netflix-like" stream-on-demand category, with industry trailbreaker Rhapsody just barely holding on.  All offer have plans at about $9.99/month, although Spotify also offers a free, ad supported option, and all seem to have been working hard to expand their curated playlists and algorithm generated playlists in response to competition from the lines of Songza and Pandora.  

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Ephraim Gadsby.

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How Americans feel about Religious Groups, a Pew Research Center survey.

What do you think of these results, and what religious groups do you hate?

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Important DOJ business

Ephraim Gadsby.

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U.S. Department of Justice investigating prizewinning "racist" parade float that depicted outhouse as Obama presidential library.

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On Free Markets


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From the great Walter Williams:

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Can you deface a Facebook memorial?


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And if so, can you encourage other people to do it?

Chris Wilson, an aspie computer science graduate student, get jails time because he wouldn't let the police have his encryption key. The police then went to court, and was compelled to decrypt his data under the pretense of national security. Under the UK's wiretapping law he sentenced to 6 months in prison.

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Ultra rich guy warns his fellow 0.01%ers that the rabble will soon rise up against them for a variety of reasons. He also references 300 baud modems and internet start ups like Amazon dot com. Also, rich people don't buy more pairs of puffy pants than the average American (allegedly).

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Why Pot Remains Illegal


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Why did marijuana become illegal in America in 1937? Sure, lots of people in America's southwest associated it with Mexican immigrants and wanted to express their disapproval of those people. But there was also big money behind cannabis-prohibition, which came from people with timber holdings concerned about competition with hemp for paper making, as well as from alcohol and tobacco interests that also wanted to avoid competition.

Why does cannabis remain illegal? Arguably, because big money continues to bankroll anti-legalisation organisations. This time, that big money comes from pharmaceutical manufacturers trying to avoid cannabis competition with their synthetic opiate products, like OxyContin and oxycodone; from police agencies afraid to lose their "drug seizure" self-funding; from people who make money off "drug rehabilitation" and private prisons; and from people who live off federal money allocated to fighting pot.

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Confidence In Supreme Court Dips


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Confidence in America's Supreme Court has dropped to 30%. Hey, at least they did one point better than America's presidency (29% confidence) and massively better than Congress (7% confidence).

I guess almost no one takes Court claims of non-partisanship seriously any more.

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Overcoming Demographic Oblivion?


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Pew Research has determined that two groups comprise Republicans' base; Pew calls them "business conservatives" and "steadfast conservatives". Even in concert, these groups constitute about one-quarter of America's electorate -- and about one in ten young people -- and so they can't win any national elections without reaching out to other groups of one kind or another. Since they obviously won't be reaching out to minorities or women, how about reaching out to "young outsiders" and "hard-pressed skeptics"? Or would even that require too much compromise?

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I strike the laws, part 2


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Supreme Court Justice Alito wrote and delivered the majority opinions in the 5-4 decisions for the remaining two major cases before SCOTUS this term.

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